Computer Pals For Seniors Epping

Computer Club for Seniors

Training for Seniors by Volunteers in how to use the latest computer, laptop, tablets and smart phones in a relaxed, supportive and social environment located in Epping, Sydney.


A wide variety of courses to suit all skill levels.


Explore new technologies or find a new hobby.


Experienced tutors provide individual assistance.


Meet new people, make wonderful new friends.

Courses in Computers & Technology

Learn & Socialise

Club provides a pleasant teaching environment for members to learn to the extent that they require, or are able to achieve, with a committed team of tutors.

Structured style of tuition ensures members meet and communicate and socialise with new people each term.

Our Courses

Classes are conducted on various week days between 9.00am to 4.00pm.


iPads & iPhones – Stage 1

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iPads & iPhones – Stage 2

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iPads & iPhones – Stage 3

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Using Windows 10

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Organising / Maintaining Your Computer

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Microsoft Store

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Introduction to Spreadsheets

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Greeting Cards

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Microsoft Word: Back to Basics

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Exploring Word: 1

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Albums & Calendars

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Computer Basics

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Photo Correction – Digital Imaging

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1 Day Courses

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Term Timetables

Note: Not all Courses are available each term. Click on the timetable below for next term to find out which courses are running.

TERM 1 (2020)

Monday 3rd February
Friday 3rd April

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TERM 2 (2020)

Monday 27th April
Friday 26th June

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TERM 3 (2020)

Monday 27th July
Friday 25th September

Coming Soon

TERM 4 (2020)

Monday 19th October
Friday 18th December

Coming Soon

How To Enrol?

Note: You must first be a registered member to enrol in any of our courses. If you haven’t yet applied to become a member click here to start your application.

When should I enrol for a class?

The first enrolment day for the next Term will be about 2 weeks prior to the end of the current term. The enrolment booklet will be left outside the computer training room during class times for further enrolments each day until the end of the term.

After that date you may enrol or enquire about availability of classes by sending an email to

How do I enrol in a course?

You PRINT your name on the Enrolment Sheet allotted to the class you wish to take. Once ten people have taken the ten positions for any class, that class is full. After this, applicants may place their names in the Waiting List section (in case one of the first ten applicants pulls out before the start of the new term).  If there are insufficient people wanting a class it may need to be cancelled. Therefore it is wise to indicate your second choice.

How do I know a course is right for me?

Please read the Course Description flyer and check that you have the prerequisites before applying for a class.

How are available spots in each class allocated?

Classes will be filled in the order requests are received, however priority may still be given where a member has genuinely applied before, but been unsuccessful in gaining a place in class.

What happens if there's too many people applying for a course?

If there are overflows sufficient to create a second class for a course, we may do so if a day and trainer is available.  There will be a decided benefit if members endeavour to enrol early, as a need would be quickly noted.

Is there a minimum number of enrolments for each course?

Classes with less than 5 enrolments may be cancelled.

How much does a course cost?

The cost of courses vary and range from between $5-$25 per course.

To find out the specific course of the course youre interested in check the Term Timetables where the prices for running courses are listed.

If you have any further question or your circumstances change and you are unable to go ahead with your chosen class, please notify us A.S.A.P. by sending an email to 

Also please use this email address for any late enrolments. These will be accepted through this email address up to the first week of the Term.


Our monthly newsletters keep members up to date with coming and recent events along with general club news.

Computer Pals for Seniors Epping Inc. is a community based Computer Club and is a member of ASCCA

The Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association is the National Peak Body for Seniors and Technology.

More info visit:

Newsletter:  ASCCA Newsletter

Coming Events

Members of Computer Pals for Seniors Epping Inc., – Update 16th February 2022.

Your committee will be contacting members and will meet again in March 2022.

Normally would meet on the first Monday of the month at 10 a.m.
Due to COVID-19 communication will be via email 

Controller: Joan Craymer

Normally would meet on the first Monday of the month at 1.30 p.m. 

Due to COVID-19 communication will be via email

Controller: Patricia Beal

This group deals with iPads, iPhones and even Apple Mac computers. There is no need to own an iPad as the club has a couple for use at our meeting.  If you are considering buying an iPad and are confused about which one to buy, come along and see the different styles and sizes.  All questions and problems welcome and our tutors will endeavour to help you out.  Interested iPad spectators welcome.

Controller: Maureen McDonald

This group will be dealing with Android Tablets. If you own an Android Tablet bring it along with you. Interested spectators also welcome.

Please Note:  This Group is in recess until further notice. The Group usually meet on the 2nd Tuesday morning of each month at 9.30am

Controller: T.B.A

Monthly General Meeting

Wednesday: TBA  

Guest Speaker: TBA



Becoming a Member

All seniors are invited to join us.

How much does it cost to be a member of the club?

Joining Fee $15 per person – Annual Subscription $30 per person

Class Costs vary depending on the length of the course (between $5 & $25)

Membership – Application

Please complete and submit the below online form or or send information to our PO Box 1558, Macquarie Centre, NSW 2113 to begin the membership application.

In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 I accept that the information in this Application Form may be used by Computer Pals for Seniors, Epping Inc. for Computer Pals use only.


The Club meets at the:

Epping Creative Centre,
Dence Park,
26 Stanley Road,
Epping, NSW. 2121

Postal address:

PO Box 1558,
Macquarie Centre, NSW. 2113

For membership or general inquires email: