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Using Windows 10

Bring your Laptop if you choose.

A few of the topics we will discuss in this lesson.

Reviewing the Start Menu

Arranging & Moving Tiles

Using Cortana/Search

Backing up your files

A look at the Apps

Setting up a Microsoft account

Exploring the windows store

Microsoft Games

Check out the new settings

Looking at Microsoft Edge

New features on this Operating System

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Exploring Word: 1

Word Documents and Text

Are you always typing messages/letters to friends/organisations?  Do you have problems getting your documents correct or looking OK?  A greater knowledge of Microsoft Word could be helpful for you.

This five-week course gives students an overall understanding of how Word 2010 operates, as well as teaching specific skills in using it.  (It’s a good grounding for other computing activities also.)


We first look at general stuff like:

Finding your way around the Word Screen

Handling Word documents: creating, opening, saving, printing, closing, deleting, and retrieving them

Setting up your page; moving around your document


  Then we focus on text...

            Typing test, selecting text

             Manipulating text: formatting, moving, cutting,                copying, pasting, deleting and retrieving text

              Checking spelling and grammar

              Checking the appearance of your document

  Note A follow-on course (Exploring Word: 2), dealing   with graphics in Word, will be offered in a later term.

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Albums & Calendars

The course is based on Canon ZoomBrowser EX 4.6 and incorporates PhotoRecord and PhotoStitch

The object of the course is to arrange your digital photos and produce an attractive Photo Album, with decorative pages, laminated, collated, comb punched and bound as a permanent record of your photos

The syllabus will include:

The creation of a personal Album by selecting from several different types of albums with multiple layouts

•  Selecting photos and positioning them where and how    you like

•  Decorate your album by applying a theme, adding    Photo Frames and clipart, and/or change colours

•  Enhance artwork using special Decorative Effect based    on your own images or clipart

•  Add professionally-designed artwork to your album

•  Add captions and titles to photos and pages

•  Add notes and comments to your album

•  Editing Images – Crop – Adjust color density,    brightness and contrast

• Print 1 photo per page

• Print Fixed Size Photos per page – 3R (12.7cm x8.9cm)   4” x 6”(10.17cm x 15.25cm), 8” x 10” (20.3cm x   25.4cm) , Wallet (8.6cm x 5.4cm), 5” x 7” (12.7cm x   17.78cm), Post Card (9.7cm x 14.5cm), Custom   (9.7cm x 14.5cm)

• Print Mosaic – default settings for photos per page -    from 2 photos (1 row) to 16 photos (4 rows)

ZoomBrowser EX gives you additional power when you use it together with PhotoRecord and PhotoStitch.  Both programs are started from within Zoom Browser EX

PhotoStitch joins together multiple images, which were split or shot individually, to form a single, large size, panoramic picture

Images can be stitched horizontally or vertically

Prerequisites: Students should have satisfactorily

completed the Introduction to Computing or Basic Courses

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This is a Workshop and will include help for those just starting out.

Researching or checking out old records.

Bring your own Laptop if you choose.

We will have access to - Australian Subscription

Find my past – World Subscription

Also a Private Collection of CD/DVD’s & Information

These include Early Births Deaths & marriage Records of

New South Wales



South Australia


Western Australia

Early Australian Convict Records

Rookwood & Castle Hill Cemeteries & many other cemetery records

Also Records from New Zealand

N Z Electoral Rolls for various years

N Z Marriages, WW1 war census, Soc. of Gen Volume 2

Many CD’s covering various areas in United Kingdom

And check out the Great War Magazine Volume 1 to 10

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Organising & Maintaining your Computer

We will cover any subject that will interest our members regarding the topic

This workshop will help maintain & keep your computer tidy & running to its best.

Some subjects that can be covered

Icons on the desktop & taskbar

Lay out of File explorer – Arrange Folders & Groups

Arranging Photos, Music & other folders

Storing Passwords with Security – via word or excel

Backing up your files automatic or manually

Removing unwanted files, Programmes, & obtain space on the hard Drive

Installing CCleaner & using it – Removing Cookies & unwanted temporary files

If you are using a Laptop bring it along so we can help. (With battery fully charged)

Those students with a Desktop can bring along Screen shots for discussion

The course will be directed at helping students so your input is vital

This is a Workshop so don’t forget the Pen & Notebook

Demonstrations will be with Windows 10 but most will also work with Windows 7 & 8.1

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Writing Workshop

The very hardest part of writing a story is making a start!

Remember what it was like at school.  You opened your exercise book with the slope card properly inserted, dipped your pen in the inkwell...and by then all your thoughts had flown through the window.

 I have a great respect for Albert Facey, the author of “A  Fortunate Life, who taught me more about writing than any  of my school teachers, or any of the great authors.  He  taught me the great impact of writing in a simple easy to  read style.

 He had told tales to his family for sixty years or more, so  this, and his background of poverty and illiteracy, resulted  in the simple, beautiful storytelling style of his writing,  where he wrote by hand in a series of many exercise books.

 How lucky we are to have a computer, iPad or Tablet  to make it so much easier to tell the stories of our own “Fortunate Life”, with the luxury of being able to go back and  forth as the memories pop into our minds.

 I am continually amazed at the details that come flooding in  as I begin to type, so that my fingers can’t keep up with my  mind.  I look forward to sharing some tips and getting you  started on the fun and satisfaction of writing.

                               Joan Craymer

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Introduction to Spread Sheets

This is a short 2 week course to introduce students to the use of Excel Spread Sheets which are part of the Microsoft Office 2010 program installed on the computers at the club.

Spreadsheet uses include lists of:

Personal and business contacts

Christmas cards and shopping

Trip details and costs

Books, music and shares

Insurances and budgets of all types

Participants will insert text and numerical information into a spreadsheet.

It is advisable to have knowledge of a word processing program.

Some basic manipulation of data will also be carried out.

Brief working details will be offered about formulas and calculations, including working with multiple sheets and printing.

Please bring a memory stick to save your own work.

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Microsoft Store

If you are Using Windows 10 – Then you have free access to the Microsoft Store

Thousands of Apps (Programs) to choose from and a lot are free.

Bring your own Laptop if you choose.

Some of the Apps we could check out

Weather – Webcam - Maps

Finance - Photos  - Travel

Solitaire Games

Sport - Food & Drink

Mail – Jigsaw – Mahjong

Themes – Films -

TV - Radio – Music

And many more

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Computer Basics

Have you done various courses but sometimes feel you would like to repeat the basics?

  Here is your opportunity to revisit...

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1 Day Courses

Buying & Selling on eBay

“eBay” is often the first place people look when buying           or selling new or used items.  In this course you will           learn tips on how to make the most of the experience.

Shopping Online

Learn how to shop online from the comfort of your              home.


  This will be an introduction to Facebook and how to             set it up. You will be given comprehensive notes             which can be downloaded to a USB stick, so don’t             forget to bring one with you.

  PowerPoint Photo Album

  PowerPoint can instantly make a slideshow from a             collection of photos or pictures.  You will need to                  bring along a flash drive with a selection of at least

  20 photos to be able to make your presentation.


  Dropbox simplifies the way you create, share and             collaborate. Bring your photos, docs, and videos             anywhere and keep your files safe.

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