Elected  Management Committee:

Patricia Beal

Standing Committee:

Contact for Welfare  -  Helen Gardner

Joan Craymer President


Joan Craymer

Vice President/Guest Speaker Co-ordinator

Patricia Beal


Brenda Horne


Joan Tumminello

Membership Secretary

Maureen McDonald

Equipment Officer

Arnold Burling


Lynton Bradford

Supplies Officer

Brian Kelly

Newsletter Editor

Gwen Bradford

Website Editor

Jeanette Masih

Assets Register

Barry McLeod

Who are we?

Computer Pals for Seniors Epping Inc. is a community based Computer Club and is a member of ASCCA,  which is the recognised National Peak Body for seniors and technology. You can find out more about ASCCA by going to our “Seniors Information” page. We draw our members from the  suburb of Epping and surrounding suburbs.

Epping is located in the north west of Sydney New South Wales, Australia and is 19 kilometres from the Sydney CBD.   

We currently have 340 members and invite seniors to join us.  

What we do?

As a Club for Seniors, we aim to achieve a friendly and social experience and have the following stated objective:

"To create a pleasant and non-threatening learning environment for members to learn to the extent that they require, or are able to achieve."

The Club has been fortunate to have had a team of experienced managers and administrators on its committee, which has enabled it to be soundly established and operated from the outset in 2000.

The Club has a large body of competent voluntary trainers and helpers, who have enabled us to have fully structured training classes with written notes. Classes operate for four to five days a week.  We also have regular “Interest Groups” on a variety of subject (see the “Interest groups” page.

Another very important activity of the Epping Computer Club is the Weekly Trainers' and Helpers' Meeting, held each Friday afternoon.  Usually about 20 people meet to discuss problems with equipment or classes, to catch up on any housekeeping issues, and to have afternoon tea and discuss ways we can all keep having fun with our computers at the Epping Creative Centre.  This regular meeting has fostered friendships among the tutors and helpers – and we can never have too many friends at any age, can we?

Each month, on the 3rd Wednesday at 10.00 am, we have a General Meeting which is attended by about 80 to 100 members.  At these meetings we usually have a Guest Speaker on a computer related topic, although sometimes our speakers are from the local community, and speak on topics of general interest.
A donation of $2 covers your morning tea.

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